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Mutan White


An excellent introduction to rare white tea, Mutan White has an abundance of silvery white buds and green leaves. It is light and sweet with vegetal flavors, and comes from Fuan in northern Fujian Province, China. Kosher.  A Harney & Sons Fine Tea

Mutan White is made on the same hills that make Chinese Silver Needle, just outside of Fuan in northern Fujian Province. The tea is based upon the same Da Bei or Big White cultivar. After enough tips (or buds) are gathered to make Chinese Silver Needle, the plants are allowed to grow some more. Then when two immature leaves have grown, the whole set is harvested; two leaves and a bud (aka tip.) The sets are dried in large barns, where the slow process allows a bit of oxidation to occur. This gives Mutan White some fruity and vegetal flavors.