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  • Jade Cloud


    Jade cloud is a lively green tea created over a decade ago in collaboration with artisans at the Xuan En Organic Yisheng Tea Cooperative in the remote mountains of Hubei province.  Three different styles of green tea (steamed, oven-baked and roasted) are combined to make a deliciously smooth everyday green tea inspired by the classic Chinese green tea known as Wulu.    A Rishi-Tea Fine Tea

    Jade Cloud is grown from hardy tea cultivars like Long Jing #43 and Hubei E-Cha #10, and is harvested entirely by hand from the middle to the end of April according to "two leaves and a bud" plucking standard. Savory notes from steamed tea leaves are expertly balanced with the toasted chestnut flavor and flower aromas of baked and roasted lots. 

    Founded in 2005, the Cooperative represents of 2,000 families that have benefitted from Fair Trade social premium funds. These funds have provided for investment in rural infrastructure, a new regional hospital, and grants for hundreds of impoverished farming children to attend primary school. Your purchase of this Fair Trad tea supports the preservation of centuries-old green tea culture by allowing traditional farming families to participate in a globalized tea economy while earning a sustainable living wage. 

    Tasting Notes: A lively, delicious everyday green tea nurtured by the clouds and cool mist of early spring. 

    Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified green tea. 

    Brewing Guidelines: Water Temperature 180°F  Leaf to Water Ratio: 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces  Steep Time: 3 minutes (1st Infusion)  4 minutes (2nd Infusion)